There are lots of things in Gran Canaria you can do and plenty of things you should do. Here are ten things you have to do. It's an order!
The sun is one of Gran Canaria's main attractions and we want you to enjoy it without turning into a lobstrosity. Here's how to do it.
Wondering if Gran Canaria is the island for you, or just missing the place and needing a bit of a sunshine fix before your next visit? Here are six ways to visit Gran Canaria online, all with great photos and videos of the island as well as useful information. 
Roque Nublo guards the centre of Gran Canaria but is surprisingly approachable for an icon: you can walk right up to it and just sit down. With a few ropes and a lot of courage, you can even climb it.
Santa Brigida in north Gran Canaria's used to be the British colony's summer retreat from the heat in Las Palmas. Now it's a wealthy hill town with a pretty church and a popular weekend market. If you're heading up to the cumbres from Las Palmas, stop at Santa Brigida for…
You can't miss Roque Nublo and the Maspalomas dunes are right there in the resorts. But what about the spectacular spots that don't make it into the brochures or the Top Ten Unmissable Spots list? Here's a selection of great places in Gran Canaria that don't get the crowds.
Once you start getting to know Gran Canaria you find beautiful spots all over the place. But if you only have a week to see Gran Canaria and want to spend some time sunbathing, here's our guide to the island's must-see iconic spots.
Gran Canaria in April smells of petrol and cheese thanks to the Guia cheese festival and the annual car rally. You can also visit a couple of local fiestas close to the resorts.   
After a solid month of partying during February's carnival season you might expect Gran Canaria to take a breather during March. However, some places just aren't ready to pack away the sequins.
Carnival rules supreme in Gran Canaria in February and there's more to the party than the famous events in Las Palmas and Maspalomas.  
January may be the height of winter across Europe but here in Gran Canaria there's plenty of outdoor events in the sunshine. If you're on the island this month, here's the top things to see and do.  
From prehistoric times Gran Canaria's economy has depended on turning the sunshine into things to sell to passing ships. As demand went up and down for what the island grew, it experienced booms and busts:┬áIt's why the cathedral in Las Palmas took hundreds of years to finish. Even before…
Volcanic Origins Gran Canaria emerged from the sea about 14 million years ago, although most of its surface rocks are around 3.5 million years old. While the island is still technically active, the last eruption was over 3500 years ago in the Agaete Valley. There is no danger that the…

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