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Saturday, 19 August 2017 14:52

Nomad City 2017: Europe's Leading Remote Working Event (And Why You Have To Be Here)

Nomad City 2017: Europe's leading remote working event Nomad City 2017: Europe's leading remote working event photosgrancanaria.com

Las Palmas city is a global hotspot for digital nomads and coworkers and for one week every year it becomes the global capital of remote working: Nomad City 2017 is on between 18-24 of September.

What is Nomad City?

It's a week-long series of lifestyle and social activities, workshops and talks and it's held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; one of Europe's top coworking locations.

Nomad City is the premier European event dedicated to Distributed Companies and Remote Workers: A fantastic opportunity to network with other location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers from around the globe, and learn how to optimize and manage your remote work efficiently.

You’ll also have the chance to discover the island of Gran Canaria through many different fun activities.

Oh, and you get a 40% discount on all activities, workshops and talks if you sign up via Gran Canaria Info: Just enter the discount code GRANCANARIAINFO.

40% off! Just sign me up already!

Nomad City is a flexible event with a great mix of social and networking events, useful talks and workshops, and fun. Buy an early bird ticket right now, or just sign up to individual events that you like the sound of.

Why is it held in Las Palmas city?

Because Las Palmas is such a magnet for nomads, coworkers and distributed companies. It's also the city with the world's most pleasant climate, has one of the highest Quality of Life scores of any city worldwide, and is on Gran Canaria; a spectacular island with everything from surf and beaches to hiking and laser-fast internet. 

Why you have to be at Nomad City 2017

It's Europe's leading nomad, remote working and distributed company event and it's held in Las Palmas city; the most fun spot in the whole Atlantic. 

That's all you need to know!

What happens at Nomad City?

It's a great mix of lifestyle activities and more serious remote business workshops and talks. You can sign up to the activities and workshops you want to attend and spend the rest of your time working or just taking in the atmosphere on Las Palmas' world-famous city beach and in the stunning old town. 

The event starts on September 18 with a surf and skate day designed to get everybody together and create the feeling of community that makes Nomad City so special. The next day features a hike along ancient shepherd paths in the northern highlands of Gran Canaria. 

On September 20th, there's a boat trip to visit the wild dolphins and whales that live off Gran Canaria's south coast and a stop at the legendary west coast Güigüi beach. On the 21st, there's a guided tour of Las Palmas with local experts there to help you make the most of your time in the city.

On the 22nd, the serious work starts, although most people will already have made useful contacts with other nomads and remote workers: It's amazing what happens when you get a big group of dedicated and like-minded people together for a few days. 

Workshops and talks at Nomad City (September 22)

Here's the breakdown of the workshops and talks at Nomad City 2017...

Want to know how to get hired by a distributed company and start living the location independent dream?

The Capa Consulting workshop will boost your chances of becoming an attractive candidate. It focuses on creating a great curriculum, boosting your Linkedin profile, mock job interviews for remote workers, career coaching and remote tool training.

Wary of appearing on video even though you know it's a vital skill and a superb way of creating online courses that sell?

Online entrepreneur, adventurer, public speaker and full-time traveler Jimmy Naraine explains how he overcame his fears, and now teaches over 74.000 students on Udemy.

Want to make professional videos and tell effective stories online?

Learn how to harness the power of Videolean; A video-startup that has become a global success and is one of Gran Canaria's great digital success stories. 

Videolean allows you to communicate with video in an effective and efficient way and founder David Macías Alejandro will be on hand to tell you exactly how to do it. 

Videolean is fantastic to communicate with video in your product presentations, start-ups, e-commerce stores, online contests, events, bloggers, community managers, marketing agencies, SMEs, etc. Learn from his founder and CEO, how to use the tool most effectively.

Check back as there are plenty more fascinating workshops in the pipeline.

Nomad City 2017 talks (September 23)

This year's Nomad City talks will focus on the freedom that remote working provides and how to best organize your remote life to take advantage of it.

The freedom to work from wherever you choose, who you work with and how you best spend your time to accomplish your goals. 

The freedom to work for companies anywhere in the world and choose talented people to work with.

At Nomad City, you'll learn about what the skills you need to take advantage of global opportunities from distributed companies, recruiting companies, and relevant industry leaders. And you'll also hear from established an successful  But also we will learn about

And you'll pick up essential tips about the lifestyle and the quality of life that is out there waiting for you.

There really is nowhere better to do all this than in Las Palmas; a city famous for its laid-back lifestyle and quality of life. 

And, of course, a big party

There's no point learning about the remote lifestyle without living it so Nomad City 2017 ends with a big farewell party held on the coolest rooftop bar in the city. 

The next day, lots of Nomad City participants will continue the adventure on the Nomad Cruise from Las Palmas to Panama. 

How to sign up for Nomad City 2017

For more information about Nomad City 2017, or to sign up for any of the activities, workshops or talks, just SIGN UP HERE (don't forget to claim your 40% discount with our GRANCANARIAINFO discount code).


Nomad City 2016 video highlights Nomad City

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