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Friday, 13 February 2015 09:54

Shopping In Gran Canaria: What To Buy

Shopping in Gran Canaria Shopping in Gran Canaria

Almost everything you buy in Gran Canaria is cheaper than in Europe thanks to our low sales tax and lack of luxury item taxes. Low prices and a great range of shops make the island a top shopping destination. 


Here's a selection of the things that are almost always cheaper in Gran Canaria than back at home.


Cameras and high-end phones are often 10-20% cheaper in Gran Canaria and come with the same legal guarantees as they do at home. For camera equipment, we recommend the Visanta chain of shops, and pro photo specialists Duke Fotografia in Las Palmas.


Cigarette prices in Gran Canaria are amongst the lowest in Europe: You pay just over three euros for a pack of 20 Marlboros (and that's in a machine in a bar). It's almost always cheaper to buy you ciggies in local supermarkets or shops than to wait for duty-free in the airport.


There's no added alcohol duty in the Canary Islands so prices are low. Branded spirits are great value and Spanish wine is almost free. Look out for local rum La Aldea from La Palma is excellent) and even vodka (Blatt).


With no luxury tax and low sales tax, Gran Canaria is a fantastic place to stock up on perfume. Shops like Fundgrube sell all major brands at great prices.


All the main European brand shops are in Gran Canaria and the island even has a couple of its own brands that are catching on. Prices are often lower than in Europe and you get slightly different ranges of clothes. Look out for Lenita XTG branded swimwear in the shopping centres and shopping districts. This local swimwear, underwear and sportswear brand is turning into the island's first fashion brand.

See our Gran Canaria clothes shopping guide.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera grown in the strong Gran Canaria sunshine is known for its potency. Look out for lotions and cosmetics made with the local stuff as they are way better than the imported products. Aloe vera loses most of its benefits if it's over-processed and stored for too long. 

Local Produce

Gourmet Canarian produce makes a great gift to take home. Look out for coffee and extra-virgin olive oil from Gran Canaria, palm syrup from La Gomera, wine from Lanzarote, and salt from La Palma. 


Here's our guide to ditching the (plastic) bull and finding authentic Gran Canaria souvenirs. 

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