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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 12:59

Canary Islands Wines: Acacia Barrels Make This A Fascinating Tenerife White

Chasnero wine is made in Acacia barrels Chasnero wine is made in Acacia barrels www.photosgrancanaria.com

An original Tenerife white wine that benefits from time in Acacia wood barrels.

Canarian white wines made from listan blanco and malvasia ar best drunk young, although those made from the albillo grape last well in the bottle.

So, from a winery point of view, it makes sense to put some of it into oak to produce a longer-lasting product. However, it's safe to say that most oaked Canarian whites lose more than they gain from the wood. The freshness and fruitiness fades and the oakiness overpowers.

Here, a winery has done something different by putting listan blanco juice into barrels made from Acacia wood. The result is pretty decent; The fruit is still there and the wood gives it a depth that is lacking in listan blanco wines (although good ones more than compensate for it with their fruitiness).

Definitely worth trying and not just for the novelty value.

From the same Tenerife winery as the superb Flor de Chasna high-altitude white.

Under 10 euros.

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