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Gran Canaria Beaches: Quiet Lomo Galeón Beach

Lomo Galeón beach in south Gran Canaria Lomo Galeón beach in south Gran Canaria

Lomo Galeón beach is a short but wide pebble beach just east of El Pajar village in south Gran Canaria.

Lomo Galeón beach is named after a whaling schooner that used to moor offshore in the 18th Century and use the coast to gather supplies and even to strip whale carcasses of their blubber (there's a carved depression and channel at nearby Llano de los Militares beach that is probably where the whalers used to strip whales). Despite a big effort in the 1780s to start a whaling industry, things never took off and the name and the carved square are about the only vestiges that remain.

The beach itself is less than 50 metres long and 30 metres wide and is made of large, rounded pebbles. 

Access is via the GC 500 coast road; Park by the side of the road and follow the steep and narrow track down to the beach.

Lomo Galeón beach is not an official nudist beach but as it is difficult to access and often empty, many visitors take off their clothes.  Feel free to do the same. 

Additional Info

  • Lifeguard: No
  • Calm water: Yes
  • You're sitting on: Pebbles
  • Sand colour: Volcanic black
  • Looks best at: Sunrise
  • Nudist: Yes
  • Hippy rating: 8
  • Disabled Access: None: Access via a steep track and challenging to anyone with a fear of heights.
  • Lat/Long: 27.755764, -15.665386
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