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Gran Canaria's Awesome Yellow Submarine Featured

The Yellow Submarine trip is a Puerto de Mogán must The Yellow Submarine trip is a Puerto de Mogán must

Some things in Gran Canaria are a must and the Submarine Adventure at Puerto de Mogán is one of them. Here's everything you need to know about Gran Canaria's coolest and yellowest underwater experience.

Where else can you dive 20 metres to the ocean floor surrounded by fish and not even get your feet wet?

The Yellow Submarine experience

Puerto de Mogán yellow submarineWhen you see the yellow submarine on the surface at Puerto de Mogán it doesn't look all that big.

That's because, like an iceberg, most of it is below the waterline.

Once you climb down the ladder you realise just how spacious the bright interior is.

Add the peaceful blue light streaming in through the portholes and the shoals of fish around it and you know you're in for something special.

submarine 4 300The submarine heads out of Puerto de Mogán harbour on the surface and then dives down to about 20 metres below sea level.

Most of the fish that swarm around it in the harbour come along for the ride and loads more come for a close look.

You have to wonder who is watching who!

The submarine cruises along the bottom past shipwrecks and lots of fish. At one point it releases lots of fish food and all the fish go crazy right by the windows. 

What you'll see

Yellow submarine porthole and fishVisibility at Puerto de Mogám is about a good as it gets. It can be 30 metres on calm days. 

We counted over 30 species of fish on one trip in the yellow submarine including multicoloured parrotfish, damselfish and wrasse, lots of shiny striped bream (just inches from our face), big bluefish almost a metre long and even a surreal-looking pipefish as long as an arm. It came right up to the window to have a look at the strange creatures in its world. 

The 40-minute tour includes two shipwrecks and the terrain and undersea life changes regularly.

Alex says: If the sea is stirred up, the submarine stays in port so nobody is disappointed. You can use your tickets on another day.

How to book the Yellow Submarine

yellow submarine websiteThe quickest way is to head to the submarine dock on the outer marina wall at Puerto de Mogán and buy a ticket before you get on the submarine. However, you may have to wait as some dives are full. 

However, you may have to wait as some dives are full. 

There's a better way.

Visit the sub's website and you get your ticket in advance and a 10% discount on the price. 

And you get free transport on the submarine's bus (big and bright yellow, of course) to and from Puerto de Mogán from your accommodation. 

Yellow Submarine free tour of Mogán marinaAnd a free tour of the marina; Tours start under the blue flag at the back of the marina. You get a guided walk and a great, brief history of Puerto de Mogán town and marina.

If you get the free bus, it stops so you can do the tour. 

Trips start every day at 10:00 – 11:00 – 12:00 – 13:00 – 14:00 – 15:30 – 16:20 – 17:10.

Who should do this trip?

Yellow submarine perfect for big kidsEveryone who hasn't been in a submarine. And anyone who has but still wants to see loads of fish and real shipwrecks.

Kids love the whole experience of climbing down the steps and looking out of the portholes, which adults get to see a side of Gran Canaria that is hidden from view. It's a great excursion for everyone and a highlight of a full day in Puerto de Mogán. 


Yellow submarine tips & info

If you drive to Puerto de Mogán, you get two free hours of parking at the end of the harbour wall. 

Here are our local tips for getting the most out of your yellow submarine experience.

Want to know more about the actual submarine? She's called the Golden Shark and her stats are here


This is what it is like to see the wonders of Gran Canaria's underwater world with the Yellow Submarine.
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