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Thursday, 12 November 2015 07:33

El Hierro Wine: Lively Viña Frontera Tinto

El Hierro's Viña Frontera tinto El Hierro's Viña Frontera tinto

A lively young red that needs time to calm down once opened.

This wine is psychotic!

When first opened it's full of bubbles like a maceración carbónica dipped in club soda. And the tannins: Like a herd of wildebeest trying to get away from an American dentist.

A while after opening, it settles. The fizz fades and the crazy tannins calm down. There's some jammy fruit in there along with a hint of spice.

You'd never call it mellow, but it's a drinkable young red and a great opportunity to try a wine grown right out on the fringes of Europe.

Sold in Gran Canaria Spar supermarkets at around 6 euros per bottle. 

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