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Gran Canaria Wines: Robust Frontón de Oro Made the New York Times

Great value Gran Canaria red wine Great value Gran Canaria red wine

"Not without tannins" said the New York Times review of this Gran Canaria red made with local listan negro grapes. It was right: Fronton has a hint of wood resin from the oak barrels but also enough fruit and herby notes to make it a great value Gran Canaria red.

Gran Canaria red wines are made from grapes growing on a volcano. The soil is stuffed with minerals and means that the island's reds are never going to be smooth and light. Instead, expect reds with body, intensity and character.

The Frontón de Oro is a great example and at under seven euros per bottle it's one of the few cheap Gran canaria reds that is worth buying. It's great with a steak or a curry.

The Winery

The Frontón de Oro winery is close to San Mateo town in north Gran Canaria: a fertile, wet area with a big temperature range.


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    Aloe Vera: The Gran Canaria Cure For Sunburn

    Gran Canaria's sun is African and in the summer it fries pale northern bodies in minutes. If you want a tan, take it easy for the first couple of days until your skin has a chance to adjust. 


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