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Enjoy The View Of Snow-Capped Teide Volcano While It Lasts

Teide volcano covered in snow as seen from Gran Canaria Teide volcano covered in snow as seen from Gran Canaria

Look west from Gran Canaria at the moment and you'll see Tenerife's Teide volcano covered in snow ad surrounded by the blue sky and the Atlantic Ocean. Feast your eyes on it, because the snow won't last long.

Teide volcano covered in snow

Most mountains as high as Teide (3,718 metres above sea level) are snow-capped all throughout the winter but because the climate here is so mild, you only get to see it white for a few weeks of the year at most. 

Over the next few days, the snow line will move higher until Teide is back to its normal grey colour. Until then, we get to pretend that we live next to Atlantis / Shangri-La / Narnia.

Teide and the Fred Olsen Ferry

The best views of Teide volcano are from the southwest, west, and northwest coasts of Gran Canaria as well as from Las Palmas and from the highlands. From Pico de las Nieves, the high point of Gran Canaria, you see Roque Nublo, Roque Bentayga and Teide all at the same time.

Or head to Sardina de Galdar and clock the view of Teide with the lighthouse in the foreground.

teide snow

teide snow 5



Teide volcano with snow as seen from Gran Canaria
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