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Gran Canaria Tip: How To Choose A Good Honey Rum

Choosing a good honey rum makes all the difference Choosing a good honey rum makes all the difference www.photosgrancanaria.com

The quality of honey rum depends on how good its ingredients are and on how much sugar is added to the mix. Most of the stuff you get in Gran Canaria's resorts is cheap stuff.

Honey rum is protected by a European DO so it has to be made from Canarian rum and honey. However, the quality of the stuff that goes into the bottles varies considerably.

Ron miel is meant to be sweet, but the honey and booze are also meant to be in balance. Some cheap bottles are sickly as they contain as much sugar as honey. The sweetness masks the poor quality of the ingredients.

Others are made with good quality rum and aren't as sweet. 

3 Tips to choose a good ron miel in Gran Canaria

Ron miel or honey rum in Gran Canaria

1. The cheapest bottles are cheap for a reason and will be sweet and pretty bland. Look for a bottle that costs over 10-12 euros per litre as the ingredients will be better quality. 

2. Choose one that is over 20º alcohol as it will have more character.

3. Give the bottle a quick shake so that bubbles form in the liquid. You want a liqueur where the bubbles disappear fast once you stop shaking (like water). Ron miel that holds its bubbles (like syrup) is goopy and contains lots of sugar. 

Enjoy your ron miel and let us know if you find a good brand. 


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