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Gran Canaria's posh hotels have some of the best spas in Europe and lead the world in thalassotherapy (salt water relaxion). There's also dozens of professional masseurs, therapists and specialists waiting to ease away your stress. From giant thalassotherapy pools to yoga in the forests, here's a selection of the best places to relax and refresh yourself in Gran Canaria. 

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Gran Canaria has excellent hospitals and private medical clinics. Standards are as high as anywhere in Europe and EU and EEA visitors are covered by their EHIC cards.  
Watch Canarians on the beach and you'll see that they do something odd. They coat themselves in beach sand and rub their skin vigorously: They're not crazy but know about one of the ocean's secrets. Wet beach sand, coated with sea salt and minerals, is great for your skin.  
You might expect a volcanic island close to the Sahara desert to have its fair share of dangerous animals and freak weather. 

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