Day Trips

Day Trips

Gran Canaria's resorts cover less than one percent of the island but about half of the islands visitors never leave them. There' a whole miniature continent out there to explore and plenty of ways to do it. We encourage everyone who comes to the island to see at least some of island and here's our guide to the many ways to roam over Gran Canaria and the best places to visit. 

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Gran Canaria Info's carefully curated selection of the best things to do inn Gran Canaria; excursions, boat trips, guided tours, safaris, flights and dives.

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Theme Parks

Theme Parks

Palmitos Park has reigned supreme over the Gran Canaria them park scene for decades but it's about to be challenged. Europe's biggest water park is in progress right by Playa del Inglés and Las Palmas is getting a huge aquarium.

As soon as they open we'll be there with our cameras. Util then, here's your choice of Gran Canaria's theme parks.

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Renting a car in Gran Canaria is the best way to explore the island and it doesn't need to be a stressful experience if you follow our tips for the perfect Gran Canaria car rental. One of the most common questions we get asked at Gran Canaria Info is "what…
Spend a day exploring the bits of Gran Canaria that you can't reach on the bus with this quality Volkswagen Caravelle / Transporter tour.  This comfy Panorama trip up into the Gran Canaria mountains takes you through the island's most spectacular scenery and to the little highland villages where life goes…
The Finca de Osorio is an old country estate surrounded by laurel, cork oak and chestnut forests. You need permission to visit but it is a great spot for a walk and a picnic. 
 East coast La Garita has a wide and peaceful volcanic sand beach and a long coastal promenade that goes all the way to Playa del Hombre beach. The coast in between is rocky and hides a couple of beautiful natural features. 
If you want a memorable Instagram photo, head to the Barranco de Barafonso in east Gran Canaria. Just do it quick before everybody visits the closest thing to Antelope Canyon in the Canary Islands. 
This short Gran Canaria hike takes you through a quiet local village, up a beautiful green valley and ends up at Charco Azul; a deep pool with a waterfall that is perfect for swimming: 
Spain's biggest botanical garden is a beautiful refuge for the 600 unique plants that make the Canary Islands one of the world's biodiversity hotspots.
You don't know Gran Canaria until you've got off the tarmac and walked its world-class hiking trails.
Drive the GC 200 west coast road from Mogán to Agaete and your first stop is Fuente de Los Azulejos just past Veneguera village.
One of the three great barranco drives up into the Gran Canaria highlands, the GC 605 hairpins its way up the Mogan Valley until it reaches the cumbres at Ayacata village just below Roque Nublo.
The Tamadaba loop road gives you the best views out over the Atlantic Ocean towards Tenerife and Teide volcano. It's a driving must in Gran Canaria.
This little-known rural road winds up through the northwest of Gran Canaria past cliff-edge villages and flower meadows and brings you to the wild pine forests of Tamadaba. 
 Tiny Carrizal de Tejeda is Gran Canaria's Masca hamlet but without its Tenerife twin's souvenir shops and coach queues.  The only access, unless you hike or bike in, is via the tortuous GC-606 road between the Cumbres and La Aldea. It's narrow, windy and barrier-free in parts but well worth…
The GC 15 is the main northern route up from Las Palmas to Cruz de Tejeda and the Gran Canaria highlands. It's windy but wide and runs through the green valleys and hillsides of northeast Gran Canaria and a series of interesting towns and villages.   
The GC 200 has it all from hairpin bends to sheer cliff-edge drops. It's Gran Canaria's most spectacular road and takes you right through the Biosphere Reserve along its most remote coast.
Steep and hair-raising, the GC 210 road drops from the pine-shrouded cumbres right down to the west coast town of La Aldea de San Nicolas. It's the kind of the road that fries brake pads and makes grown men cry (we've seen it happen). But wow, is it spectacular. GC 210…
Gran Canaria's least-driven road takes you to white villages surrounded by palm and almond trees and past Roque Palmés: Little brother to Roque Nublo. The GC-606 road is only 12 kilometres long according to Google Maps but takes a good hour and a half to drive as it is barely wide…
CLOSED: The GC 200 west coast road between La Aldea and El Risco closed for good in 2016. The new inland road, now part of the GC 2 is now open.  From El Risco until Agaete you can still enjoy the stunning sights from the GC 200. The West Coast…

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