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Gran Canaria Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Without exaggerating, there are a few questions we hear at least once a day. So we thought we’d write a Frequently Asked Questions so we can just point to this. Just click on your question and you’ll find our best reply.

If your question is not answered here, try our Gran Canaria Facebook group, there are thousands of people willing to help you out.

The latest coronavirus information

Find everything related to corona (required tests, mask rules, social distancing, etc etc) at our dedicated corona section.

What’s the weather like in … ?

And you'll find a lot more weather information in our Gran Canaria weather category. Have fun exploring!

I'm new in Gran Canaria. What should I not miss?

Have a look at these articles: The Top 10 Things Gran Canaria Newbies Have To See And DoTop Ten unmissable sights and Top Ten tourist spots. But actually, have a look at all our Top Ten articles, they are a very good starting point to start exploring gran Canaria.

What’s the best way to get to my hotel from the airport?

Use a transfer service if you want a better price than a normal taxi. Here's our recommendation

After the Corona virus, has this and this restaurant / bar / hotel / apartment complex opened up?

Find the complete list here.


The app says it’s cold and windy, what’s the weather like now?

Have a look here: The science behind Gran Canaria's bubble of sunshine, and check out the live webcams for a peek at the weather right now.

Can anyone give me recommendations on things to do like excursions?

We have two great links for you: Gran Canaria Excursions and Day Trips.

What’s the best place to book Gran Canaria excursions?

Right here on this website (of course ;) ) Book Excursions

How do I get from … to … ?

Do you have Google maps or something similar on your phone? It will tell you exactly how to get to a place, showing even how to walk to a bus stop if needed. You can choose travelling on foot, by car or public transport. It will tell you as well at what time you will arrive. Great stuff!

I want to rent a car, what company should I use?

Check out these articles: Best car hire companiesTop tips for hassle-free car rental and Don't let this car rental scam ruin your holiday.

Can anyone recommend a private boat tour to see Dolphins/Whales?

What are the best restaurants in … ?

  • Playa del Inglés area

  • Maspalomas / Meloneras area

  • Puerto Rico area

  • Puerto de Mogán area

  • Las Palmas area


Is it best to change money at home or in Gran Canaria?

Here is your answer!

I've heard passport validity has changed? How do I check mine?

If you're from the UK and want to travel abroad (for example, to Gran Canaria) you can check your passport here. It appears that your passport must have six months validity within the 10 years since its issue date and not just be six months in date from the expiry date.


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