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New Puerto Rico Shopping Centre Opens Autumn 2019

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The Mogán mall in Puerto Rico is set to transform shopping in south Gran Canaria The Mogán mall in Puerto Rico is set to transform shopping in south Gran Canaria Grupo San José

The huge new Puerto Rico mall, dubbed the Mogán Mall, is set to open next year and will contain over 140 shops plus bars, restaurants and a large Hiperdino supermarket.

Located on the site of the old Puerto Rico water park, just inland from the old Puerto Rico CC, the 37,000 square metre Mogan Mall is set to transform the shopping landscape in south Gran Canaria. With a budget of 38 million euros, it will be by far the largest retail space in south Gran Canaria.

Backed by the local Fundgrube shop chain, the open-air Mogán Mall will have 18,000 square metres of retail and leisure space plus 700 parking spaces. The shops will be arranged along a central boulevard parallel to the road through Puerto Rico while the restaurants will be on a higher level and accessible via escalators and stairs.

The Mogán Mall will also feature the largest fountain in the Canary Islands. At 30 metres in length with light and music effects, it is expected to be a big draw. 

If you're wondering what they are building on the other side of the road, then we can tell you; it's another shopping centre but this time funded to the tune of 15 million euros by the Gloria Palace hotel chain.

This three-floor 4000 square metre centre will have a large Spar supermarket, 140 parking spaces, a floor of fashion and other shops, and a floor of restaurants and bars with terraces.

While it might seem odd to build two new shopping centres at the same time in Puerto Rico, it actually makes sense. Currently, there is no decent retain space in the Mogán municipality so both locals and tourists have to go to El Tablero, Vecindario or Las Palmas to shop.

New retail spaces and quality restaurants and terraces should give Puerto Rico resort (which, let's face it, is showing its age) a boost and also incentivise the existing shopping centres to up their games. 

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