The Gran Canaria Info CLUB is for people who love the island and really want to get to know it.

Do you come to Gran Canaria every year and you want more information than the average visitor? Or maybe you live in Gran Canaria, or see it as your second home?

Either way, you want the kind of detailed local knowledge that takes you beyond the usual excursions. The stuff you won’t find in guidebooks or on the web.

You also want to connect with other people who feel the same way about Gran Canaria. And talk to them in a friendly, safe space without the endless weather questions.

The Gran Canaria Info Club is designed for people just like you…

It’s the most detailed guide to Gran Canaria that exists and we’ll be adding to it all the time to make it even better.

What Do I Get as a Club Member?

  • A detailed Google map of Gran Canaria with the exact locations of all the best bits. We update this map constantly with new spots and any changes we find.
  • Exclusive articles about favourite and exciting places in Gran Canaria with local-level information.
  • Exclusive discounts on the best excursions, restaurants and adventures in Gran Canaria
  • Regular news updates about Gran Canaria
  • A private Facebook Group where you can get to know other members and skip the “how’s the weather?” questions

Why did we start the GCI Club?

We started Gran Canaria Info in 1998 and we’ve been providing quality information about the island ever since.

Our website gets millions of views every month and we have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

It’s all got so big and busy that we feel like we’ve lost the personal connection with the most engaged and loyal Gran Canaria fans.

The GCI Club is a way of getting back to our roots and giving real Gran Canaria fans the information they deserve about the island we all love.

How much does the GCI Club cost?

We charge €10 per year, less than a euro per month.

The cost will never increase once you join. Even if the price goes up in the future, it will always remain the same for you, once you join.

It’s not for me....

No worries. This isn’t for everyone, and we appreciate and understand that. Rest assured that the main Gran Canaria Info website and social media channels will always be there, and will always be free to access.

Nothing will change for you, and we hope you continue to enjoy what we offer.

I’m interested....

Excellent! Come on in and join the clubl.

Once you’ve clicked a link below and joined, you’ll immediately receive your log in details to the club’s website, and everything is accessible there.


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