The Alis Bar on the rooftop of the Royal Hideaway Santa Catalina Hotel in Las Palmas is intentionally but achingly trendy but doesn't really have that much atmosphere. It feels like the kid of place people go to look at each other's Gucci trainers rather than to have fun. 

It's decorated in a sparse, modern sytle with stripey mock-wood planks, the standard white outdoor furniture, lounger beds, etc. The staff are easy on the eye but not in much of a rush and the drinks are, as you would expect from a 5-Star Hotel Bar, quite pricey for Las Palmas. Think 6 euros for a bottle of 1906 beer and double figures for cocktails.

We hope that the Alis bar turns down the trendy a little over time and becomes somewhere that you'd actually want to spend some time. The location and the view deserve a little more that it offers at the moment. We think that if you want a hotel rooftop bar experience in Las Palmas, both the Bex design Hotel amd the Aloe Hotel offer a better experience. 

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