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5 Of The Most Beautiful Tropical Flowers In Gran Canaria

Most of the world's most beautiful tropical flowers grow in Gran Canaria's gardens Most of the world's most beautiful tropical flowers grow in Gran Canaria's gardens

Gardeners say that almost anything grows in Gran Canaria as long as you keep it watered. Here are five of the beautiful flowers you'll see as you walk around in the Gran Canaria sunshine.

If you find a tropical flower in Gran Canaria that isn't on this list, check our Tropical Flowers of Gran Canaria guide written by world-famous botanist Dr David Bramwell. 


flowers Gran Canaria 3Bougainvillea is originally from tropical South America but is now grown all over the world as a garden plant. In Gran Canaria it festoons the arches in Puerto de Mogán, climbs the famous Casa de Colón in Vegueta and grows in every hotel garden. Be careful, as some bougainvilleas have sharp thorns. The flowers are actually small and white while the colourful 'petals' are in fact just leaves. Bougainvillea flowers can be white, pink, red, purple and orange.


flowers Gran Canaria 1Another tropical classic that grows all over Gran Canaria's parks and gardens. It can form a big shrub but is often pruned into hedges (pruning makes it flower more). The typical hibiscus in the photo has red flowers but you see a wide range of colours and sizes in Gran Canaria. Hibiscus is originally from tropical China. 

Bird of Paradise

flowers Gran Canaria 4

 The bird of paradise flower or strelitzia is a South African plant that grows so well in Gran Canaria that lots of people think it is native. The fleshy flowers last for weeks and are a great way of taking a bit of the sunshine home with you.

Blood trumpet

Flowers Gran Canaria 3The blood trumpet is a climber that produces long, scarlet flowers over 10 cm long. In the wild, in Mexico, the long, tubular flowers are pollinated by moths but in Gran Canaria the plant never sets seed. That's just as well as it can grow really fast and grow stems up to 25 metres long. Blood trumpets grow in parks and large hotel gardens and look best over a pergola. 

Flame Vine

flowers spring gran canaria 027

The flame vine is originally from Brazil and tropical South and Central America. It's a vigorous climber that produces clumps of bright orange flowers that cover the whole plant. It's common in Gran Canaria in parks, gardens and hotel grounds and you really can't miss it if it's flowering. 

For more info about the many tropical plants and flowers that grow in Gran Canaria's gardens, we recommend the Tropical Flowers of Gran Canaria guide; written by world-famous botanist Dr David Bramwell.

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