Gran Canaria Beaches: East Coast El Burrero

Burrero Beach in East Gran Canaria Burrero Beach in East Gran Canaria

Burrero beach must be one of the least known and visited beaches in Gran Canaria even though the sandy north end is sheltered and ever-so-pretty.

The beach is 500 metres long and 40 metres wide but only the northern tip, sheltered behind a rocky point called El Roque, is of interest to beachgoers. With golden sand, boats by the shore and calm water, it's a lovely spot. It even has a (fenced off) pre-Hispanic site just behind the sand.

Ingenio municipality has put a huge effort into improving El Burrero beach by putting in a promenade and a dyke at the southern end. However, it still only gets a few local visitors during the week.

El Burrero is windy is summer so visit during the winter for a gust-free beach day. Kitesurfers experience a whole different beach at the southern tip by the jetty: Consistently windy during the summer, it's a favourite spot to practise jumps. 

Get to El Burrero beach on the GC 192 road that starts on the inland side of the motorway in Carrizal town. Or get Global Bus lines 01 and 11 that stop at Bajada del Burrero in Carrizal about two kilometres from the shore. 

Eat at the cafe by the boats, or walk into town for more options. The food here is local and great value. 

No lifeguards during the week. Toilets by the bar. 

Additional Info

  • Lifeguard: No
  • Calm water: Yes
  • You're sitting on: Sand
  • Sand colour: Sahara yellow
  • Looks best at: Sunrise
  • Nudist: No
  • Hippy rating: 6
  • Lat/Long: 27.911329, -15.387014
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