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5 Good Reasons To Stop In Santa Brigida

The view from Santa Brigida church The view from Santa Brigida church

Santa Brigida in north Gran Canaria's used to be the British colony's summer retreat from the heat in Las Palmas. Now it's a wealthy hill town with a pretty church and a popular weekend market. If you're heading up to the cumbres from Las Palmas, stop at Santa Brigida for breakfast churros or lunch and wine (or beer).

The weekend market

Santa Brigida's weekend market opens on Friday afternoons, all day Saturday and on Sunday mornings. It's small but sells a great range of mostly local fruit and veg. There's also stalls selling cheese, bread and cake, flowers and plants and organic food. For parents, it's fantastic as there's a play park right in the market.

The highlight of Santa Brigida market for us is the superb Canarian wine and produce stall. It has a great range of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote wines all chosen by the owners. They won't have anything on their stall unless it is authentic and tasty. 

The microbrew beer

Restaurante Paraiso just behind the market car park does four different microbrew beers from a blonde lager through to a dark ale. They are all popular with the locals and the yuppie set that drives up to buy its tomatoes in the countryside. Located within the farm park, Paraiso is set in an old Canarian stable and has lovely views down towards the coast and the Santa Brigida palm grove. The food isn't bad either. 

The Casa del Vino

Canary Islands wine served by the glass and great food in a lovely garden make the Casa del Vino restaurant in Santa Brigida a top choice for lunch. The wine list is excellent and if you can get someone else to drive, it's the perfect spot to try a selection of local Monte wines. Los Lirios dry white is a good place to start. 

The Casa del Vino does a great selection of elegant Canarian and international food and while pricier than local restaurants, is good value. 

The old town 

Santa Brigida church sits on the edge of the valley looking out over terraced fields and palm trees up towards San Mateo. The old town surrounding g the church square is small and still residential. It's a great ten-minute stroll to build up an appetite before sitting down to churros or lunch. 

Mallow restaurant

Mallow is a Santa Brigida institution. As the town's most popular bar/ restaurant, it provides the locals, and the rich folk in the big houses surrounding the town, with churros, paella and good, wholesome Canarian food at local prices. Getting a table is a challenge at the weekends but during the week there's always a free table. 


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