There Are Gran Canaria Souvenirs, Then There's Las Canteras Lifestyle

Las Canters Lifestyle beachwear and fashion shop Las Canters Lifestyle beachwear and fashion shop

Often the best things about a place are hidden in plain sight. Las Canteras Lifestyle, the coolest beachwear and accessory shop in Las Palmas, is the perfect example. 

It's right on the Las Canteras beachfront, just north of the famous Reina Isabel hotel, but doesn't have a big facade. Still, you can't miss the sign if you know what you're looking for. If you're after a quality souvenir or gift that reminds you of Las Canteras beach, don't walk past without going in for a browse.

Once you're inside you'll find a cool (literally on a hot day) space packed with everything from jewelry, fashion accessories, beachwear and the best hats in town. There's everything from kaftans, pareos and beach bags to handmade jewelry and beach-themed cushion covers, rattan mirrors and carvings.

It's all cool, comfy and, best of all, ethical. 

Quality from around the world

Australian owner Rosel Fischer has worked for global charities and NGOs for years and now uses her contacts to source fair trade and handmade goods from design hotspots like Bali, Morocco, India and Somalia. She travels the world looking for quality stuff and brings it all back to Gran Canaria.  

Almost everything in Las Canteras Lifestyle comes from independent designers, collectives, and NGOs. And it shows; there isn't a mass-market souvenir anywhere and everything is original.

Buy a hat from LCL and you know you won't see anyone else wearing the same one anywhere else in Europe. 

Alex Says: This is where I buy almost all my Christmas presents in Las Palmas. My wife Laura just browses, then gives me a list.

Take your time, it's packed with goodies

Las Canteras Lifestyle isn't that big but it's impossible to walk in and not get sucked in by the range of things on sale. 

It's an obligatory stop on a walk down Las Canteras beachfront. Just make sure you visit on the way home or you'll be carrying all your shopping for the rest of the day. 

Mention Gran Canaria Info and you'll get a free gift at Las Canteras Lifestyle when you spend over 15 euros (it's hard not to). 


Last modified on Wednesday, 03 August 2016 18:09
Published in Las Palmas
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