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Gran Canaria News & Gossip Roundup - 17.02.2017

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Gran Canaria Gossip: Will the Puerto Rico shopping centre survive if a new one is built next door? Gran Canaria Gossip: Will the Puerto Rico shopping centre survive if a new one is built next door?

17.02.2017: Here's the Gran Canaria Info news and gossip round-up for the second week of February. Is every word true? Well, we have friends in low places and we do our best...

Gran Canaria hotel gossip

You know the tourist market is booming when the papers are full of news and gossip about hotels buying each other up.

Anfi del Mar

It sounds like Santana Cazorla are taking their fight to keep hold of their half of Anfi del Mar across the water. One of the two Cazorla brothers is cozying up to a Moroccan hotel firm with deep pockets.

And that's not the only threat to Lopesan's ambitions to be number one in the hotel business in Gran Canaria... 

Grupo Dunas RIP

Grupo Dunas has now ceased to exist as an independent company after the Tadeo family sold its remaining hotels to Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios, S.A, a stock market-listed investment company with property and hotel interests all over Spain. 

Dunas, which grew to 12 hotels during the credit boom and shrank back to four during the crisis, cost Hispania a tidy 75 million euros. 

Will the Dunas brand name survive? Don't hold your breath!

Hispania, with its deep pockets and an appetite for deals, is also said to be looking at several other options in Gran Canaria.

Going north?

A little bird tells us that one Gran Canaria bungalow company is about to snap up a hotel in a most unlikely spot. What's that all about guys? Let's just hope the deal is done Cordially!

Siam Park Gran Canaria

Good news for waterpark fans: The Kiessling family, which own Loro Parque and Siam Park in Tenerife, won an important case against the shadowy Lebensraum Wasers company that is trying to stop Siam park Gran Canaria from getting off the ground. 

The Las Palmas Appeal Court Number 3 chucked out Wasers' latest allegation (and made them pay costs).

With everyone in agreement that the recently discovered aboriginal remains aren't an impediment, it looks like the Kiesslings may yet break ground on their water park this year.

However, Wasers can still appeal to the Canarian Supreme Court. 

Or will they just think of another delaying tactic. 

The big question is, who is behind Lebensraum Wasers? Who in Gran Canaria could possibly want to stop a huge water park right by Playa del Inglés resort. Answers on a postcard!


Las Palmas' plan for a fast urban bus system took a big step forward after a close vote in the parliament. And with the approval of a 50 million euro loan from the European Union. Say thank EU!

Las Palmas fanatic arrested

We're not sure what is most appalling about this story; the fact that the police had to arrest a family in Las Palmas because a man had become vociferously pro-ISIS online, or the fact that the press around Europe reported an 'imminent terrorist attack in Gran Canaria'.

Mad and/or bad he may have been, but there is no evidence at all that the man was in a position to carry out an attack. 

Maspalomas goes orange

No, Donald Trump isn't visiting but Maspalomas has gone all colourful thanks to 2750 new loungers and almost 1500 new parasols, all in bright and beautiful orange. 

Maybe they can lend a few to Puerto Rico to replace the cement-coloured ones someone put along the harbour wall. 

As an aside, have you ever wondered whether it is time to replace the diesel powered beach bars along Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas beaches with something a bit prettier? Well, the new kiosks are actually on Gran Canaria but are in storage because Costas won't give SBT town hall permission to install them. 

The future is Italian

You may have noticed an increase in the number of Italians in Gran Canaria (both resident and tourist). A 37.5% increase to be exact, with 10,400 Italians flying to the island in January 2016. Benvenuto!

Puerto Rico needs more shops?

Few are complaining about the plan to put a big Mercadona supermarket in Motor Grande in Puerto Rico, but turning the old water park into a luxury shopping centre? That's worrying everyone who runs a business in the big Puerto Rico CC. 

In fact, they are so rattled that they are planning to go to court to try and stop the two new shopping areas planned for Puerto Rico resort. What Puerto Rico needs, they say, is more parks, and gardens rather than more building work and more shops. 

And they use the example of how Playa del Inglés and Camp Internacional went downhill after Meloneras opened up as proof. Remember when Faro 2 was a bustling centre full of people and fun? 

Even though it's getting a facelift, can Gran Canaria's biggest tourist shopping centre compete against a shiny new rival just next door? And will more shops benefit the resort or just spread out the tourists even more?

The new centre, billed as a south Gran Canaria version of Las Palmas' Las Arenas has big backers like the Fundgrube shop chain and investors Amid Achi and Javier Puga. It even has a commitment from Zara to open a store or two once it's ready.

This one will run for a while but money talks and that derelict water park can't just sit there forever. 

Got some hot Gran Canaria gossip? Send us a message and don't worry, we never reveal our sources.

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