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Watch UK TV Anywhere In The World With TV Mucho

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TV Mucho brings UK TV to everyone on holiday TV Mucho brings UK TV to everyone on holiday

Gran Canaria-based TV Mucho brings high-quality and completely legal UK TV to everyone around the world with a television set and an internet connection.

What is TV Mucho?

TV Mucho is British television that you can watch anywhere. It's a completely legal, hassle-free subscription service. You just login and and you get all your favourite UK channels including the BBCs, ITVs, Channel 4, 5, Film Four, Sky News etc. 

This is expat television without the rooftop dishes, cables, VPNs, and hassle!

Why is this on Gran Canaria Info?

Because TV Mucho is based in Gran Canaria and we've supported it since it was just a glimmer of an idea. We were also amongst the first people in the world to test it and can guarantee that it works perfectly. You just log in and choose a channel. 

We think TV Mucho is going to be the Spotify of expat television and we want everyone to know about it. 

Where can I buy TV Mucho

Just visit the TV Mucho website and sign up. 

Where can I use TV Mucho?

Literally anywhere in the world with a 2Mb internet connection (most hotels, apartments, and private houses) and a television. Once you have signed up, you take UK TV with your wherever you go from Tenerife to Cancún.

Can't I just watch UK TV for free online?

Yes, you can; via a laptop connected to the television with cables, or via a website packed with dodgy links. However, watching Eastenders or the News at Ten on a pixellated little screen surrounded by flashing adverts just isn't the same as watching it in full quality right on your TV screen.

TV Mucho is the world's first fully legal way to watch high-quality UK TV anywhere in the world without any hassle at all.

How much does TV Mucho cost?

TV Mucho gives you unlimited UK TV anywhere in the world for just €10 per month and you can stop and start the service whenever you want. You just visit the website and tell TV Mucho when you want your UK TV to work.

If you live abroad, you get unlimited high-quality British television for a few cents a day. If you love your holidays but hate missing the Soaps or your favourite series, you can just pay for the period that you are out of the UK.

I want it!

Great! We know you'll love it. Order TV Mucho here from the official website.

Thanks for supporting a great idea and a great Gran Canaria company. Enjoy watching British television in the sunshine!

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