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10 Top Ways To Save Money In Gran Canaria

Save money in Gran Canaria by getting the bus Save money in Gran Canaria by getting the bus

Gran Canaria is good value for money but here are ten great ways to make sure that you get the most out of your holiday budget. 

Shop local

Go to a local supermarket rather than little resort shops for your groceries and you'll save a fortune and get lots more choice. Spar, Hiperdino, and Mercadona are the big three with stores close to the main resorts. Just ask your receptionist or any local for the nearest one, then get a taxi or bus. 

Visit museums on free days

Most Gran Canaria museums and galleries are free for everybody on the first Sunday of the month and on selected other days throughout the year. Check their websites for specific days. 

Eat a menú del día

Local restaurants in Gran Canaria offer a cheap lunch menu (it used to be a legal obligation) and they are fantastic value for money. For less than 10 euros, you get a three-course lunch plus a drink and a choice of coffee or dessert. 

Come to Gran Canaria during the sales

The Christmas sales in Gran Canaria start on January 7th and last for two months. The summer sales start at the beginning of July and also last for two months. If you're in Gran Canaria at these times, it's well worth having a shopping day. Also, note that local shops such as Fundgrube have regular flash sales and advertise them on their websites and Facebook pages. 

Get the bus or a taxi

Gran Canaria's local buses (blue around the island, yellow in Las Palmas) are fantastic value if you are a lone traveller. However, for couples and groups of four, it's often cheaper to jump in a cab for short journeys; Gran Canaria's taxis are amongst the cheapest in Europe. For long distance travel, head to the nearest bus station, buy a card and off you go. 

Phone your hotel before booking

Think that booking sites always offer the best accommodation and flight prices in Gran Canaria? Well, double check by phoning your accommodation and airline of choice before you book online. You often find that hotels will match or even beat online prices, or throw in a better room for people who book directly. If you like a particular hotel, sign up to their email list as many hotels offer good discounts to return guests. 

Change browser

Even noticed how flight prices just keep going up every time you check them? That's because the airline has a cookie in your browser and knows that you are coming back over and over so it shows a higher price. Open a new browser and double check the prices. You'll often find that they miraculously drop. 

Choose the local currency option

Always choose the local currency option when paying by card or getting money out of the ATM. If you choose your home currency, the machine uses a dreadful exchange rate and it costs you money. If a shop or restaurant says that you can't use the local currency option, ignore them because you can.

Avoid electronics rip-offs

Just don't buy anything from the overpriced electronics shops in Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán. We've heard too many scam stories and they are never as cheap as reputable shops like Media Markt and Duke Fotografia in Las Palmas. 

Really, even if you think you've found a great deal in a small shop in Puerto Rico or Mogán, just don't do it. 

Annual multi-trip insurance

If you go abroad more than once per year, then you'll save money by getting annual insurance rather than separate insurance policies for each trip.  And if you are an EU Citizen, bring your EHIC card or you might have to pay for any medical treatment you require. 

Rent a car (but choose wisely)

If you want to see Gran Canaria beyond the resorts, then rent a car for a few days. Petrol is cheap (around a euro per litre) and the roads are safe and empty (once you get off the motorway). 

Before you rent: Is that super-cheap car rental offer you found on a website realistic? Or is it so cheap that the company will have to gouge you to make a profit. Watch out for car rental companies that offer tiny prices but then knobble you once you arrive with huge insurance fees or charges to remove excess fuel. 

Alex says: We recommend that you book with a reputable car rental company and avoid any that have Gold in the name.

Bonus tip

Consider bringing your own suncream as it's expensive in Gran Canaria, at least compared to the UK. Remember to pack it in your case. 

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