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Big Tuna Weather Heading To Gran Canaria?

Heavry rain may be heading to Gran Canaria next week Heavry rain may be heading to Gran Canaria next week

13.01.2018: There's a cut-off blob of cold air heading south towards the Canary Islands and it could produce serious rain in Gran Canaria and the eastern islands through the middle of next week.

However, these Cold Drop events are very hard to forecast so we don't know exactly what is going to happen just yet.

What we do know is that Gran Canaria will been cooler on Sunday with some showers in the north. This is due to a weak front passing over the island. It probably won't cause rain in the south but you may get some cloud.

From Monday onwards things get uncertain as we wait for the Cold Drop to arrive. It it sweeps over the island or settles nearby we'll get proper rain all over the island: Big tuna weather with waterfalls, flowing barrancos, etc. 

Even if it misses the islands, the effects of the Cold Drop will cause cloud and lower temperatures all over Gran Canaria until the end of next week. 

We'll update as soon as we know exactly whats going to happen. 

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