Sunday, 10 April 2016 22:40

Gran Canaria Forecast: Fluffy Clouds And The Odd Shower

Fluffy clouds forecast this week in Gran Canaria Fluffy clouds forecast this week in Gran Canaria

10.04.2016: The Trade Winds fade away early this week so the skies this week will be full of fluffy white clouds. We may also get some showers, even in south Gran Canaria

With no consistent winds from the north to blow them away, clouds will form over Gran Canaria due to evaporation. It means that the days will start clear but get cloudier. We should get some beautiful, almost tropical cloudscapes.

South Gran Canaria will be sunny but could well see some cloudy afternoons and even a few late showers. However, temperatures will be in the mid-20s and night temperatures are rising as the spring warmth sets in.

North Gran Canaria benefits from the lack of Trade Winds and will be a mix of sunshine and cloudy patches.

Exact conditions depend on how strong the forecast western winds are. A good breeze will blow the cloud away. but calm days will mean more cloud building up.

The sea temperature, normally just over 18ºC at this time of year (as cool as it gets), has held up well this year and is between 19-20ºC. That's perfectly swimmable in the sunshine, especially in the warm shallow water close to the resort beaches. 

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