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Gran Canaria Weather: Another Sunny Week, Farmers Start To Panic

Gran Canaria will be sunny this week with some high cloud Gran Canaria will be sunny this week with some high cloud

FEBRUARY 2016, WEEK ONE: The rain forecast for last weekend hardly showed up in Gran Canaria and this week will be mostly sunny. 

The skies this week over most of Gran Canaria will be blue with a few high clouds (not enough to stop you getting a tan on the beaches). 

Temperatures this week will be about standard for winter in Gran Canaria: Up to 28ºC on the beaches during the day and dropping to 17ºC late at night.

Drought in south Gran Canaria

There is still no sign of any rain heading towards Gran Canaria; This winter has been one of the driest on record and south Gran Canaria hasn't had significant rainfall since 2012. With the ground dry and reservoirs at minimum levels, south Gran Canarian farmers are warning about a lost year unless they get rain in the next six to eight weeks. 

The main cause is a high-pressure system that's been sitting over North Africa all winter and keeps swatting away any bad weather that heads towards the islands. There is no sign of this changing, at least for the next couple of weeks.

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