Monday, 25 July 2016 07:10

Gran Canaria Weather: Who Turned The Heat Back On?

High temperatures forecast in Gran Canaria this week High temperatures forecast in Gran Canaria this week AEMET

Temperatures are set to soar this week in Gran Canaria with the south of the island back on yellow alert and the mercury expected to hit 36ºC.

After a scorching weekend, it might come as a surprise that the weather is going to get hotter but the forecast is for a blast of roasting Saharan air that brings some calima dust with it. 

Expect high temperatures and clear skies all over Gran Canaria until Thursday when the Trade Winds will bring cooler air to the island (and cloud to the north). 

The calima dust that comes with the hot air looks mild and may not be much more than a light haze. 

With forecast temperatures of over 36ºC in the southern highlands and 34ºC all over the Gran Canaria cumbres, please take care up top. Don't go walking during the heat of the day and please be extra careful in the forests as fires start easily in the heat.


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