Thursday, 14 January 2016 05:35

Tropical Storm Alex: El Niño Freak Misses The Canary Islands

Tropical Storm Alex misses the Canary Islands Tropical Storm Alex misses the Canary Islands

The low-pressure system north-west of the Canary Islands has now officially become subtropical storm Alex. Fortunately it has gone north of the Canary Islands but is now bearing down on the Azores.

Alex is a bit of a freak as storms this early in the year are rare; The Last one was in 1978 and there have only been five others since 1900. However, we are in an El Niño year and this keeps the surface of the Atlantic Ocean warm and encourages storm formation.

During the last El Niño period in 2005, tropical Storm Delta hit the Canary Islands in November and knocked the finger of the Dedo de Dios rock in Puerto de las Nieves. It was the first tropical storm in 100 years to hit the Canary Islands. 

While Alex is missing the Canaries, expect high and medium cloud, warm, humid air and even the odd shower between now and the end of the weekend. Its should fade away during Sunday.





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