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Weather Forecast: Lots Of Rainbows This Week In Gran Canaria

Sunshine and cloud forecast this week, with showers possible Sunshine and cloud forecast this week, with showers possible

28.11.2016: While the south of Gran Canaria will get plenty of sunshine, expect a bit of everything all over Gran Canaria this week.

This mix of cloud, sunshine and showers should give us plenty of rainbows during the week. 


Monday and Tuesday should be fairly stable with clouds building up over the centre of the island and maybe spreading to the coasts by late afternoon. Local showers are likely in the highlands and the north.

On Tuesday night a band of cloud and showers sweeps across the islands from the north-west. It should affect the north more than the south but rain is possible all over Gran Canaria. It could be intense in places. 

Once this band of cloud fades, the temperature will go back up and the rest of the week should be calm and mostly sunny (with more cloud build-up in the mountains).

As for the weekend, it's a bit soon to be sure but it looks like we may be getting more showers.

The surf is big today and will hold up in north Gran Canaria for most of the week. 

Gran Canaria Info publishes a weather forecast twice a week. Read our detailed guide for more info on Gran Canaria's weather.

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