Monday, 20 February 2017 07:42

Weather Forecast: Cold Drop Threatens Gran Canaria This Week

Gran Canaria weather: A cold drop is heading slowly for the Canary Islands Gran Canaria weather: A cold drop is heading slowly for the Canary Islands NASA

A blob of cold, humid Polar air sitting over southern Spain threatens to bring cold and rain to Gran Canaria and the eastern Canary Islands this week. 

Known as a Gota Fria or Cold Drop, this air is slowly moving south towards the Canary Islands after giving southern Spain a good soaking.

It is still too soon to know whether the air will get to the Canary Islands before it fades away. At the moment, it's looking like it will stop over Morocco and won't affect Gran Canaria all that much (Lanzarote can expect a soaking). 

However, these things are a tad unpredictable and if it does get close to Gran Canaria towards the middle and end of the week, you can expect rain all over the island and especially in the north and centre. 

Even if it stops well north or east of the island, there will be cool air, clouds and some rain over north Gran Canaria all week. 

South Gran Canaria, as always, will escape the worst of the north weather and could well be sunny even if the rest of the island is under heavy cloud.

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