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Gran Canaria Tip: Where To Find The Cheapest Petrol On The Island

Santana Dominguez petrol stations sell the cheapest petrol in Gran Canaria Santana Dominguez petrol stations sell the cheapest petrol in Gran Canaria

Two petrol stations in Gran Canaria always sell the cheapest petrol, according to weekly figures published by the local La Provincia newspaper.

Not only is the fuel always cheap at island's two Santana Dominguez petrol stations, but it is at least 10% cheaper than any other petrol station in Gran Canaria. This is because they are run by a local fuel transport company and sell most of their fuel to the island's lorry transport firms. However, anyone can pull up and use them. 

Both the Santana Dominguez petrol stations are on the east coast of Gran Canaria in industrial areas close to the motorway.

If you are driving north along the motorway from the resorts towards Las Palmas or the airport, this cheap petrol station in the Arinaga industrial estate is the place to stop at and fill up. 

If you're heading south, head to this petrol station just opposite the airport.

With petrol at around a euro per litre in (January 21, 2019), filling up at Santana Dominguez's cheap petrol stations will save you a few euros each time; definitely worthwhile if you are on the motorway anyway.

As for Gran Canaria residents, we'll see you in the queue!

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