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Minitrain Proposed For Playa de Mogán

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16.08.2016: Traffic in Playa de Mogán is now so bad that the mayor is considering a huge out-of-town car park linked to the marina and beach by a mini train.

Since the dual carriageway arrived at Mogán a few years ago, traffic hs increased to the point where there are 10,000 cars per day in Playa de Mogán. Weekends and market days are especially crowded and it can take up to an hour to find parking at peak times. Locals and suppliers are also having trouble finding places to put their vehicles.

The problem can only get worse as new hotels open up in the area behind Playa de Mogán. 

Mogán municipio mayor Onalia Bueno's proposed solution keeps most of the traffic outside the town and marina area. Rather than drive to the coast, cars would park just inland of the GC 500 road (the old road) and get to Playa de Mogán on a small train similar to the ones used to connect airport terminals. 

Alex Says: While we agree that Mogán has a traffic problem, we wonder whether a shuttle bus would work just as well as a train, cost less, and take up less room.

Is a mini train a solution to Mogán's overcrowding? Or is a train a step too far? Let us know what you think on the Facebook page.

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